Question Video: Adding One More to Numbers up to 10 Mathematics • Kindergarten

Complete: _ is one more than 4.


Video Transcript

Complete. What is one more than four?

The “what” in this sentence is going to be a number. What number is one more than four? And to help us with this question, we’re given a picture. It might make you feel hungry because these look like jelly beans. Now we can see a group of these sweets, a group of one, two, three, four jelly beans. But there’s one more jelly bean in the picture, isn’t there? What happens if we include this jelly bean in the group too. What is one more than four?

We know that when we find one more than a number, we say the next number that we’d say if we were counting, one, two, three, four, five. If we start off with four and then find one more than four, we’ll have five. One more than four is five. And so in our sentence, we can say this a slightly different way. Five is one more than four. The missing number in our sentence is five.

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