Question Video: Solving Word Problems by Multiplying Numbers in the Multiplication Table Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Mayar has 6 vases and she wants to put 7 flowers in each one. How many flowers does she need?


Video Transcript

Mayar has six vases and she wants to put seven flowers in each one. How many flowers will she need?

Now we could draw out our answer and then count up all the flowers. Sadly the person who put the flowers into these vases handled them a bit roughly and all the petals have fallen off. The good thing about that is it did make them a little bit easier to draw. Now thinking about how we drew these out actually can help us to work out what the calculation for this is going to be. We had to draw our vase with seven flowers in it six different times.

So if we had seven flowers in our vase, we had to do that six times. We had six times seven flowers in total. And six times seven is forty-two flowers. So the answer is forty-two flowers. Now remember you didn’t have to draw out all the flowers, but it was a really good idea to show all of your working out because even if you wrote down the wrong answer if you’d shown that you knew how to do the calculation six times seven, you may get some credit for some of your working out.

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