Question Video: Converting from Cents to Quarters and Pennies Mathematics • 1st Grade

What is the same as 28 cents? [A] One quarter and one nickel [B] two dimes and three nickels [C] one quarter and three pennies


Video Transcript

What is the same as 28 cents? One-quarter and one nickel, two dimes and three nickels, or one-quarter and three pennies.

Before we answer this question, let’s think about coins and their values. We can start with a penny. How many cents is one penny equal to? One. A penny is one cent. How about nickels? One nickel is worth how many cents? Five. One nickel is worth five cents, one dime is worth 10 cents, and one-quarter is worth 25 cents. We can use this chart to answer our question.

One-quarter and one nickel would equal 25 cents plus five cents — the value of one-quarter plus the value of one nickel. 25 plus five equals 30. Is 30 the same as 28 cents? No. So answer choice a is not the same.

Moving down to answer choice b two dimes and three nickels, we know that dimes are worth 10 cents. And this list has two dimes — 10 plus 10 — and three nickels. So we need three fives because a nickel is worth five cents. What is 10 plus 10 plus five plus five plus five? When we add all of that up together, it equals 35 cents. And 35 cents is not the same as 28 cents. Answer choice b is not possible.

Let’s hope c works. One-quarter equals 25 cents plus three pennies — one cent plus one cent plus one cent. That means 25 plus three. 25 plus three equals 28. If you had one-quarter and three pennies, you would have 28 cents. And 28 cents is equal to 28 pennies.

One-quarter and three pennies is the same as 28 cents.

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