Question Video: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with the Same Denominators Mathematics • 4th Grade

Find the results of 14/15 − 4/15 + 1/15 in its simplest form.


Video Transcript

Find the results of fourteen fifteenths minus four fifteenths plus one fifteenths in its simplest form.

We’re adding and subtracting fractions here. We can bring down our problem. What is adding and subtracting fractions’ first step? First, we check to see if all the fractions we’re adding and subtracting have the same denominator. Check to see, do these fractions share a common denominator? So far, we’re good. These fractions share a common denominator of 15.

Step number two: add or subtract the numerators from left to right. Here, we’ll say 14 minus four plus one. 14 minus four plus one equals 11. The 11 goes in the numerator and the denominator doesn’t change. The denominator stays as 15.

Step three: reduce the fraction to simplest terms if possible. Our fraction is eleven fifteenths. And eleven fifteenths cannot be simplified any further. In our case, eleven fifteenths is already reduced to its simplest form. This makes eleven fifteenths our final answer here.

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