Question Video: Factorising by Grouping Mathematics

Completely factor 9π‘₯π‘š βˆ’ 3π‘₯Β² + 6π‘šπ‘¦ βˆ’ 2π‘₯𝑦.


Video Transcript

Completely factor nine π‘₯π‘š minus three π‘₯ squared plus six π‘šπ‘¦ minus two π‘₯𝑦.

Here we can factor by grouping. So we need to begin by grouping the first two terms together and grouping the last two terms together. And now, out of both sets of parentheses, we need to take out a greatest common factor.

Out of nine π‘₯π‘š minus three π‘₯ squared, we can take out a three π‘₯. And after taking it out of both terms, we’re left with a three π‘š minus π‘₯. For our next pair of parentheses, we can take out a two 𝑦 as the greatest common factor. And after doing so, we are left with three π‘š minus π‘₯.

So the greatest common factors come together to be one factor. And the matching parentheses come together to be a factor. So our final answer is three π‘₯ plus two 𝑦 times three π‘š minus π‘₯.

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