Question Video: Converting Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius Mathematics

Use the expression (5(𝐹 − 32))/9, where 𝐹 is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, to convert 167°F to degrees Celsius.


Video Transcript

Use the expression five times 𝐹 minus 32 divided by nine, where 𝐹 is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, to convert 167 degrees Fahrenheit to degree Celsius.

This expression, five times 𝐹 minus 32 divided by nine, equals the degrees Celsius, when we plug in a Fahrenheit temperature for the value of 𝐹. We want to use 167 degrees Fahrenheit. In this expression, we plug in 167 for 𝐹.

Our first step is to solve what’s in the parentheses by subtracting 32 from 167. Seven minus two equals five. Six minus three equals three. One minus zero equals one. The solution is 135. We can now simplify the expression to say five times 135 divided by nine. In an expression where we see a whole number and then a value in parentheses, we know that means multiplication. We need to take 135 and multiply it by five.

Five times five equals 25. Write down your five. Carry your two. Five times three equals 15, plus the two we carried over is 17. Write down your seven. Carry your one. In the hundreds place, five times one equals five, plus the one we carried over, six. 135 times five equals 675. We can simplify our expression again, 675 over nine.

To simplify 675 over nine, we can use division, where 675 is the dividend and nine is the divisor. We ask how many times can nine be divided into 67. I know that nine times seven equals 63. So nine will go into 67 seven times. From there, we multiply seven times nine which equals 63. And then we subtract 67 minus 63 equals four. Bring down the next digit. How many times does nine go into 45? Five times. Nine times five equals 45. When we subtract 45 from 45, we get zero. There is no remainder. Nine goes into 675 75 times, with zero as the remainder.

Our expression then becomes 75. 167 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to 75 degrees Celsius.

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