Question Video: Arranging Given Numbers Mathematics

Order 173621400, 311872933, 923446625, 704049407 from least to greatest.


Video Transcript

Order 173621400, 311872933, 923446625, 704049407 from least to greatest.

These are a few really big numbers that we wanna order from least to greatest. To solve this question, we’re going to need to think about place value. We’ll start with our first number, 173621400. We can input this number in our chart. And we’ll start the furthest to the right. In our number, there’s a zero in the units place, a zero in the tens place, four in the hundreds place, one in the thousands unit, two in the ten thousands unit, six in the hundred thousands unit, three in the millions unit, seven in the ten millions, and a one in the hundred millions.

We’ll do the same thing for the next three values. 311872933 lines up this way on our chart. Our third value lines up this way, 923446625, and our fourth and final number 704049407.

To order these values from least to greatest, we’ll look at the digit with the highest place value for each number. The highest place value for all four of these numbers is the hundred millions. We’ll compare the digits in the hundred millions to order these values from least to greatest. This means that we’ll need to look for the smallest digit in the hundred millions place.

In the hundred millions place, the smallest digit is the one. This tells us that 173621400 is the smallest of our four numbers. Now that we’ve used that number, we’ll need to compare the three remaining numbers to find the smallest value in the hundred millions. The next smallest value would be three, three million. This means 311872933 is the next smallest value. We need to compare the remaining two values. Nine in the hundred millions compared to seven in the hundred millions, which one is smaller? The seven.

The next smallest number 704049407, leaving us with the greatest value 923446625.

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