Question Video: Divisibility of Numbers Mathematics

Which of these are divisible by both 2 and 3? [A] 6, 54, 36 [B] 15, 9, 12 [C] 4, 6, 48 [D] 5, 54, 9 [E] 5, 8, 36.


Video Transcript

Which of these are divisible by both two and three? Option A) six, 54, and 36; option B) 15, nine, and 12; option C) four, six, and 48; option D) five, 54, and nine; and option E) five, eight, and 36.

As only even numbers are divisible by two, we can immediately rule out options B, D, and E as they contain odd numbers. Option B contains the odd numbers 15 and nine, option D contains the odd numbers five and nine, and option E contains the odd number five. None of these odd numbers are divisible by two.

Which of the remaining sets of numbers — set A or set C — are all divisible by three? Six, 54, 36, and 48 are all divisible by three as they’re in the three times table. However, four is not divisible by three. Therefore, set C cannot be correct.

This leaves the correct answer set A. The numbers six, 54, and 36 are divisible by both two and three.

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