Question Video: Converting Days to Hours Mathematics • 5th Grade

How many hours is 49 days and 2 hours?


Video Transcript

How many hours is 49 days and two hours?

The first thing we need to think of is how many hours are in a day. We know that one day equals 24 hours. And that means to find how many hours are in 49 days, we need to multiply 49 by 24. To do 49 times 24, we can break this up into partial products, which would be 40 times 20 plus 40 times four and then nine times 20 plus nine times four. Now that we’ve listed these out, we’re ready to multiply. 40 times 20 equals 800. 40 times four equals 160. Nine times 20 equals 180. Nine times four equals 36.

From there, we need to combine all of our partial products. Zero plus zero plus zero plus six equals six. Six plus eight is 14 plus three is 17, write down our seven, carry our one, and then one plus eight plus one plus one equals 11. This means we found that 49 days is 1176 hours. But we’re wondering how many hours 49 days and two hours is. And that means we need to add two to the value we already found so that we have 1178. We can say that in 49 days and two hours, there are 1178 hours.

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