Question Video: Rounding Fractions to The Nearest Half Mathematics

Round 4/37 to the nearest half.


Video Transcript

Round four thirty-sevenths to the nearest half.

We’re given the fraction four thirty-sevenths. And we’re asked to round it to the nearest half. But what are the different multiples of half that we could round it to? Well, one times a half equals one-half and two lots of a half make one whole. But on our number line, we can also include one other multiple of a half. Zero lots of one-half equals zero. And it’s important that we do include this as a multiple of one-half.

So we need to think where four thirty-sevenths might be on our number line and which half it’s nearest to. What makes our fraction tricky to deal with? Well, the denominator in the fraction is an odd number. Because it’s an odd number, we can’t convert it to a fraction that’s exactly the same as one-half. If we could, we’d be able to compare four thirty-sevenths with our fraction that was the same as one-half. And we’d be able to see whether it was close to this.

Instead, we’re going to have to use estimation to help. And the first thing we can do is to change our denominator into an even number, an even number that’s close to 37. Let’s change it into 36. Let’s change it to 36. Four thirty-sevenths is approximately the same as four thirty-sixths. Now, if we divide 36 by two, we get the answer 18. Eighteen thirty-sixths is the same as one-half.

Four thirty-sixths seems a lot less than this. It may even be less than a quarter. 36 split into four equals nine. Nine thirty-sixths equals the same as a quarter. And so four thirty-sixths is even less than this. So we can estimate that four thirty-sevenths has a value less than a quarter. And so the multiple of one-half that it’s nearest to is actually zero.

We know one whole is the same as thirty-seven thirty-sevenths. Zero is obviously the same as zero thirty-sevenths. And we can’t give the exact amount for one-half, but it’s between eighteen thirty-sevenths and nineteen thirty-sevenths. So we can see that the multiple of one-half that four thirty-sevenths is nearest to is zero.

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