Video: Using Repeated Subtraction to Divide

Start at 36 and jump back in 6s until you reach 0 to find the answer to 36 ÷ 6.


Video Transcript

Start at 36 and jump back in sixes until you reach zero to find the answer to 36 divided by six.

One of the ways we can think about 36 divided by six is as the question, how many sixes are in 36. We could find out how many sixes are in 36 by starting at zero and adding six lots of times until we get to 36. Or we could start with 36 and work backwards. And that’s what we’re being asked to do in this question. We’re told to start at 36 and jump back in sixes. In other words, take away six each time or skip count backwards in sixes. And we need to keep going until we reach zero. The number of jumps that it takes us is the number of sixes that there are in 36.

Now, if we look at our number line, we can see that some of it has been completed already. So let’s start at 36, jump back in sixes. And when we get to the part of the number line that hasn’t been completed, we’ll complete it. Six less than 36 is 30. Six less than 30 is 24. Six less than 24 is 18. Six less than 18 is 12. Six less than 12 is six. And if we subtract six from six, we reach zero. So how many jumps of six have we made? Or, in other words, how many sixes are there in 36? One, two, three, four, five, six. There are six lots of six in 36. 36 divided by six equals six.

We started at 36 and subtracted sixes again and again until we reached zero. The number of jumps we had to make was six.

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