Question Video: Recognizing Value of All the Notes Used in the UK Mathematics

Which note is worth more?


Video Transcript

Which note is worth more?

Now these might just look like rectangles with pretty designs on to you. But in real life, these rectangles are notes. A note is a type of money. These two notes used to be made out of paper, but nowadays they’re made out of a very, very thin plastic, and they’re worth something. They have a value. Now in this question, we’re asked which of these two notes is worth more? Can you see what number is in the corner of our first note? A one followed by a zero is the number 10, isn’t it? And if we look carefully, we can see the number 10 in lots of places on this note. It’s even labeled, 10 pounds. So we know that this first note has a value of 10 pounds. Let’s use a number line to show where the number 10 belongs.

Now let’s look at our second note. Can you see which number appears again and again on this note? It’s the number five. This note has a value of five pounds. Let’s mark the number five on our number line. So which note is worth more, the 10-pound note or the five-pound note? Well, this is where our number line can help us. We know that the number 10 is greater than the number five. It comes after it on the number line. It’s a larger number. And so if we have 10 pounds, this is a larger number of pounds than five pounds. It’s more money. Even though these two notes look like similar sizes, one is worth more than the other. The note that is worth more is the 10-pound note.

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