Question Video: Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers in Word Problems Mathematics • 4th Grade

Hannah’s shopping bag weighs 51/7 pounds. Express the bag’s weight as a mixed number.


Video Transcript

Hannah’s shopping bag weighs 51 sevenths pounds. Express the bag’s weight as a mixed number.

A mixed number is a whole number plus a proper fraction. We need to take this 51 over seven and break it into two parts, a whole number and a proper fraction. To do that, let’s do some division. Let’s divide 51 by seven. How many times can seven go into 51?

I know that seven times seven equals 49. And that’s pretty close to 51. So let’s try seven. We multiply seven times seven, which equals 49. And then we subtract 51 minus 49 equals two. So seven goes into 51 seven times, with a remainder of two.

Since seven goes into 51 seven times, the whole number piece of our mixed number is seven. We can use this remainder to find the proper fraction piece. The remainder becomes the numerator of our proper fraction. And the divisor becomes the denominator. In fact, the denominator stays the same from the original improper fraction.

Now that we have the two pieces, we can put them together. 51 over seven written as a mixed number is seven and two-sevenths. Hannah’s bag weighed seven and two-sevenths pounds.

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