Question Video: Using Number Lines to Find the Missing Number in a Subtraction Sentence Mathematics • 1st Grade

Fill in the missing number. _ − 11 = 4? Use the number line if you need to.


Video Transcript

Fill in the missing number. What subtract 11 equals four? Use the number line if you need to.

We’re shown a subtraction sentence. We don’t know how many there are at the start. We do know that we have to subtract 11. And the answer is four. If we end up at number four and we’ve subtracted 11, we could count forward from number four 11 spaces on the number line. This will take us back to the number we started at.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. We started with number 15. If we start at 15 and subtract 11, we will land on number four. The missing number is 15. The difference between 15 and four is 11. We can find the difference by counting backward or counting forward. The missing number in this equation is number 15.

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