Question Video: Converting the Absolute Value of Decimals to Fractions Mathematics • 6th Grade

Write |−0.64| as a fraction.


Video Transcript

Write the absolute value of negative 0.64 as a fraction.

We recall that the absolute value or modulus of a number is the distance of that number from zero. This means that the direction doesn’t matter, and the absolute value of a number is never negative. The absolute value of negative 0.64 is, therefore, equal to 0.64. We’re asked to write this answer as a fraction. The six is in the tenths column and the four in the hundredths. This means that 0.64 is equal to sixty-four hundredths.

We can then simplify this fraction by dividing the numerator and denominator by four. 64 divided by four is equal to 16, and 100 divided by four is 25. The absolute value of negative 0.64 written as a fraction in its simplest form is 16 over 25.

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