Question Video: Identifying Fractions of a Whole Using Visual Fraction Models Mathematics • 3rd Grade

What fraction is shaded?


Video Transcript

What fraction is shaded?

When working with fractions, we’re working with a part over the whole. And in this case, we’re dealing with the shaded parts over the whole. We need to start by counting the number of parts that are shaded. There are three parts that are shaded.

Now we need to add the total number of parts. In this figure, there are a total of six parts that make up the whole. Our fraction form is three-sixths.

However, three-sixths can be reduced. It’s not in its simplest form. Both three and six are divisible by three. So we can divide the numerator and the denominator by three to reduce this fraction. Three divided by three is one. Six divided by three is two. This tells us that the fraction shaded is one-half.

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