Question Video: Finding the Perimeter of a Quadrilateral given Its Dimensions Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Find the perimeter of this quadrilateral.


Video Transcript

Find the perimeter of this quadrilateral.

Don’t forget that the perimeter means the sum of all of the sides. In other words, we add up each side length and whatever we get will be our perimeter. Because this figure is a quadrilateral, we’ll need to add four sides together. Quadrilaterals have four sides. Starting at the top, we add two centimeters plus two centimeters plus four centimeters plus another two centimeters. Two plus two is four centimeters. Copy down the rest of the problem. Four plus four centimeters equals eight centimeters. Bring down the final two centimeters. Eight centimeters plus two centimeters equals 10 centimeters.

The perimeter of this quadrilateral is 10 centimeters.

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