Question Video: Counting Numbers up to 9 Using Objects Mathematics • Kindergarten

How many umbrellas are there?


Video Transcript

How many umbrellas are there?

To answer a question that asked us how many, we need to count. And we’ve been given a picture of some umbrellas to count. How could we make sure we count each umbrella? We could start by putting a cube next to each umbrella. There we go. There are the same number of cubes as there are umbrellas, so all we need to do is to count the cubes. One, two, three, four — that’s the top row done, let’s carry on counting — five, six, seven, eight.

So, we know there are eight umbrellas. The cubes are in a tall tower and the umbrellas are making a rectangle shape. But both arrangements show the number eight. We can show the same number in different ways. We’ve counted the umbrellas and we can say there are eight.

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