Question Video: Adding Decimal Numbers to Fractions and Getting the Sum in Percentage Form Mathematics • 6th Grade

Fill in the missing value: 0.51 + 9/20 = _%.


Video Transcript

Fill in the missing value. 0.51 plus nine twentieths is equal to blank percent.

Normally, with a question like this, we would look to turn both numbers into either decimals or fractions. However, as we’re looking to give our answer as a percentage, it is worth turning both of them into percentages first. We want to convert 0.51 and nine twentieths into percentages.

The word “percent” means out of 100. We, therefore, need to find an equivalent fraction to nine twentieths that is over 100. 20 multiplied by five is equal to 100. As we have multiplied the denominator by five, we need to multiply the numerator by five. Nine times five is equal to 45. As 45 over 100 is the same as 45 percent, then nine over 20 is also equal to 45 percent. To convert any decimal into a percentage, we need to multiply by 100. 0.51 multiplied by 100 is equal to 51. Therefore, this is equal to 51 percent.

Our calculation becomes 51 percent plus 45 percent. 51 plus 45 is equal to 96. Therefore, 0.51 plus nine twentieths is equal to 96 percent.

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