Question Video: Counting Coins with Pounds Mathematics

What number is missing? There is £1 and _p.


Video Transcript

What number is missing? There is one pound and what pence.

Now, often, if we want to count an amount of money, there’s a little bit of sorting we need to do. Perhaps we have a group of coins in our hand and they’re all jumbled up. But in this question, all the coins are neatly in a straight line. And they’ve actually been sorted out for us. We know this because we’re given a sentence to describe the coins. And it says there is one pound and what pence.

Now we know we can sort notes and coins into those that represent pounds and those that represent pence. And if we look at the picture of the line of coins, we can see that one pound that’s mentioned in our sentence straightaway. It’s the first coin that’s there. Then there’s a little gap, and then there are some more coins. These must be the coins that represent a number of pence. And this is going to give us our missing number that we need to find. So to help us find the total of this second group of coins, we’re going to need to remember what each coin is worth.

To begin with, we’ve got two 20-pence coins. Then we’ve got three five-pence coins, and then finally a two-pence coin on the end. We could use a number line to help us add these coins together. 20, 40, 45, 50, 55, and then 57. The total of this second group of coins is 57 pence. And it was quite easy to add them together, wasn’t it, because they were already put in order for us. There is one pound and 57 pence. And the missing number is 57.

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