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Question Video: Adding Decimal Numbers Mathematics • 6th Grade

Calculate 76.2 + 311.


Video Transcript

Calculate 76.2 plus 311.

In this question, we’re asked to find the sum of a decimal and an integer, which we can do using a column addition. When performing addition, it is absolutely vital that we line up the columns. And in the case of decimals, this means we need to line up the decimal points.

As 311 is an integer, its decimal point comes at the end. So we can line up the decimal points, and the decimal point for the answer will then be directly below them. Filling in the rest of values, we can see that there’s currently a gap in the tenths column for 311.

We can replace this as a zero, as 311 has zero tenths. Now we can perform the addition in columns starting from the right. First of all, two plus zero which is equal to two.

In the units column, we have six plus one, which is equal to seven. In the tens column, seven plus one, which is equal to eight. In the hundreds column, we have nothing added to three, which is equal to three.

76.2 plus 311 is equal to 387.2. Remember, lining up the decimal points when adding together two decimals is absolutely essential.

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