Video: Converting Decimals to Percents

Jerry’s hit rate is 0.269. Write this decimal as a percent.


Video Transcript

Jerry’s hit rate is 0.269 or 269 thousandths. Write this decimal as a percent.

We’ll start with what we know. Since Jerry’s hit rate is 269 thousandths, we know that if he’s won the bet 1000 times, he would probably hit the ball 269 of those times. And we need to convert that to a percent. Don’t forget that percent means out of 100. So let’s take this 0.269 and turn it into a fraction out of 100.

I’m gonna start by making it a fraction out of one. I’ll add the denominator of one and I haven’t changed the value of the original hit rate. Now, I need to convert this to a fraction out of 100. To get from one to 100, I’ll multiply the denominator by 100. And if I multiply the denominator by 100, I’ll need to multiply the numerator by 100 as well. This leaves me with 26.9 over 100.

And since I know that a percent is a fraction out of 100, the percent of a hit rate is 26.9 percent. I took away the fraction form, added a percent symbol 26.9 percent is Jerry’s hit rate.

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