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Question Video: Multiplying Decimal Numbers Mathematics

Complete the figure shown.


Video Transcript

Complete the figure shown.

In order to calculate the final answer, we need to multiply 8.5 by 0.2. We then multiply this answer by 0.3. Finally, we multiply this answer by 2.5. Let’s begin by considering 8.5 multiplied by 0.2. 8.5 multiplied by two is equal to 17. As 0.2 is 10 times smaller than two, our answer is 1.7. 8.5 multiplied by 0.2 is equal to 1.7. Our next step is to multiply 1.7 by 0.3. We can do this using a similar method by firstly multiplying 1.7 by three. This is equal to 5.1. 1.7 multiplied by 0.3 is therefore equal to 0.51.

Our final step is to multiply 0.51 by 2.5. There are numerous ways of doing this. One method would involve splitting 0.51 into 0.5 and 0.01. We can then multiply each of these individually by 2.5. As 0.5 is the same as a half, 0.5 multiplied by 2.5 is 1.25. Multiplying by 0.01 is the same as dividing by 100. Therefore, 0.01 multiplied by 2.5 is 0.025. This means that 0.51 multiplied by 2.5 is equal to 1.275.

The three missing numbers in the figure shown are 1.7, 0.51, and 1.275, respectively.

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