Question Video: Multiplying a Three-Digit Number by a One-Digit Number Mathematics • 4th Grade

Calculate 145 × 6.


Video Transcript

Calculate 145 times 6.

We could set the problem out this way: 145 times six or we could use the distributive property. The distributive property lets us say that 145 times six is equal to six multiplied by 100 plus 40 plus five. I’ve broken 145 down into its three parts: 100 plus 40 plus five.

Now, we need to distribute six across each of the three parts: six multiplied by 100 plus six multiplied by 40 plus six multiplied by five. Six multiplied by 100 is 600. Six multiplied by 40, we can calculate six times four which is 24. And as the four is worth four tens, we need to make 24 ten times bigger. So it would be 240. And six multiplied by five is 30. 600 plus 240 is 840 plus 30 is 870.

To use this method to multiply 145 by six, first, we need to multiply six by five which is 30. We can write the zero in the ones place and we need to carry the three over into the tens column to add later. Next, we move over into the tens column and calculate six multiplied by four, which is 24. And we need to add the three from earlier, which makes 27. We can write the seven in the tens place and we need to carry the two over into the next column. Moving over to the hundreds place, six multiplied by one is six plus the two we carried earlier, which is eight.

So we can say that 145 multiplied by six is 870.

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