Question Video: Finding the Difference of Sets Using Venn Diagrams Mathematics

Using the Venn diagram, find 𝑈 − 𝑋.


Video Transcript

Using the Venn diagram, find 𝑈 minus 𝑋.

So in order to take 𝑈 minus 𝑋, we need to take the elements of 𝑈 and then subtract the elements of 𝑋. The elements of 𝑈 include all elements inside of this box. So we have seven, nine, five, and six. Now for the elements of 𝑋, the elements of 𝑋 are only within this circle. So they include five and six. So if we take our elements inside 𝑈 — seven, nine, five, and six — and then take away the elements of 𝑋, so five and six from that, we need to take away elements five and six.

And if we would do so, we would result in elements seven and nine. And this should make sense looking at our Venn diagram. Because if we look, 𝑈 includes everything in the box. And we want to take away the set 𝑋 and those elements in it. And if we would do that, we will be left with elements seven and nine. Therefore, seven and nine will be our final answer.

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