Question Video: Subtracting Two Numbers up to 999 Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Victoria collected 796 stamps. If she gave 135 to her friend, how many stamps are left?


Video Transcript

Victoria collected 796 stamps. If she gave 135 to her friend. How many stamps are left?

We know that Victoria had 796 stamps, and we know that she gave a 135 stamps to her friend. To find out how many stamps she has left, we need to subtract the 135 she gave to her friend. We can calculate the answer using column subtraction or vertical subtraction.

We’re working with two three-digit numbers. The three digits represent the hundreds, tens, and ones. Let’s start by subtracting in the ones column. Six ones take away five ones, that leaves us with one one left. Now we can move into the tens column. We have nine 10s, and we need to subtract three of them. Nine take away three is six.

Finally, we need to subtract in the hundreds column. We have seven hundreds, and we need to take away one. Seven take away one is six. Victoria collected 796 stamps. She gave 135 to her friend. She has 661 stamps left. We found our answer by subtracting 135 from 796. Victoria has 661 stamps left.

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