Question Video: Comparing Numerical Expressions Involving Subtraction Mathematics • 1st Grade

Use <, > or = to fill in the gap: 24 − 13 _ 78 − 30.


Video Transcript

Use is less than, is greater than, or is equal to to fill the gap: 24 take away 13 what 78 take away 30.

We need to choose one of the three symbols that we’re given to fill in the gap. The first symbol we’re shown means is less than. Our second symbol means is greater than. And our final symbol means is equal to. We need to choose the correct symbol to fill in the gap between two expressions. On the left-hand side of the symbol is 24 take away 13. And on the right-hand side of the symbol is 78 take away 30. The only way we know which symbol we need to use is by working out the value of each of these expressions.

Let’s start by working out 24 take away 13. We can partition the number 13 into 10 and three. 24 take away 10 leaves us with 14. And then 14 take away three equals 11. So the value of the expression on the left-hand side of the symbol is 11. Now, let’s calculate the value of the expression on the right-hand side of the symbol. What is 78 take away 30? We can think of the number 78 as being made up of seven tens and eight ones. The number 30 is made up of three tens. So if we had seven tens and we take away three tens, what are we left with? We’re left with four tens. And the eight one stays the same.

78 take away 30 equals 48. Now, we know what each expression is worth. We can choose the correct symbol to go in between them. The first number is less than the second number. 11 is less than 48. And so the correct symbol to use in between 24 take away 13 and 78 take away 30 is the first symbol that we’re shown in the list. This is the symbol that means is less than, 24 take away 13 is less than 78 take away 30.

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