Question Video: Writing Algebraic Expressions Mathematics • 6th Grade

Write an expression for double a number ๐‘‘.


Video Transcript

Write an expression for double a number ๐‘‘.

First, letโ€™s think about the word โ€œdouble.โ€ What does โ€œdoubleโ€ mean mathematically? If you have a double an amount, you have two times that amount. Our number is ๐‘‘. If we have double a number ๐‘‘, we have two times the number ๐‘‘. Two times can be written like this: two ๐‘ฅ. Bring down the ๐‘‘. So we have two times ๐‘‘.

And thereโ€™s one other way we can simplify this expression. When weโ€™re multiplying a variable by a number, we donโ€™t need the multiplication symbol. We write the two next to the ๐‘‘. And that means two times ๐‘‘. This expression represents double the number ๐‘‘, two times ๐‘‘.

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