Question Video: Identifying Equivalent Fractions Mathematics • 4th Grade

Complete the following: 10/32 = 5/_?


Video Transcript

Complete the following: 10 over 32 is equal to five over what?

We’re trying to ensure that these fractions are equivalent. We know that because we have an equal sign here. What fraction is equal to 10 over 32? We ask the question how would we get from 10 to five. What operation takes you from 10 to five?

You divide by two. In order to create equivalent fractions, you have to divide the numerator and the denominator by the same value. We need to divide 32 by two as well. If we divide 32 by two, two goes into the three one time, three minus two is one, bring down our two. Then we ask the question two goes into 12 how many times, six times. Six times two is 12, 12 minus 12 is zero. 32 divided by two equals 16.

Our missing value to create equivalent fraction would be 16.

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