Question Video: Comparing Subtraction Expressions with Numbers up to 9 Mathematics

Fill in the gap: 6 − 3 _ 4 − 2. Use <, >, or =.


Video Transcript

Fill in the gap. Six take away three what four take away two. Use the symbol less than, greater than, or equal to.

We have to decide if six take away three is less than four take away two, greater than four take away two, or equal to four take away two. Before we can pick the correct symbol, we need to calculate six take away three and four take away two. Let’s start by working out six take away three.

We start with six. Let’s take away one, two, three. There are three counters left. Six take away three equals three. If we start with four counters and we take away two, how many are left? Here we have four counters. Let’s take away one. Two, there are two counters left. The first ten frame has the most counters. Three is more than two.

So three is greater than two. So the missing symbol is greater than. Six take away three is greater than four take away two.

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