Question Video: Converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit Physics • 9th Grade

What is 67°C in degrees Fahrenheit? Give your answer to 1 decimal place.


Video Transcript

What is 67 degrees Celsius in degrees Fahrenheit? Give your answer to one decimal place.

All right, so here we want to take this temperature in degrees Celsius, it’s 67 degrees, and convert it to degrees Fahrenheit. That is, given this temperature we can call it 𝑇 sub C in degrees Celsius, we wanna convert it to the Fahrenheit temperature scale. To do this, we can recall the mathematical relationship that connects these two scales, Celsius to Fahrenheit. Given a temperature in degrees Celsius, if we multiply that by nine-fifths and add 32 to that result, we get the corresponding value in degrees Fahrenheit. And by the way, this ratio, nine-fifths, is not a random number. This is equal to the ratio of how much a temperature change on the Fahrenheit scale corresponds to on the Celsius scale.

So then, to solve for 𝑇 sub F, the temperature in Fahrenheit that corresponds to 67 degrees Celsius, we’ll take our input temperature written as a pure number with no units, multiply it by nine-fifths, and then add 32 to that. When we do this, the result we find is 152.6. Now, because everything here has no units, our answer also has no units in its current form. But because we’re solving for a temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, we know that really 152.6 is 152.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In our problem statement, we’re told to give our answer to one decimal place, which it is, 152.6. So then, this is our final answer. 67 degrees Celsius is 152.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

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