Question Video: Determining Area When Given the Perimeter Mathematics • 4th Grade

The perimeter of a square measures 32 cm. What is its area?


Video Transcript

The perimeter of a square measures 32 centimeters. What is its area?

First, let’s sketch our square. The perimeter of the square measures 32 centimeters. The distance around the square measures that much. In this case, if we added all four sides together, they would equal 32 centimeters. When we’re dealing with a square, another way to find the perimeter is by multiplying four times one of the side lengths. Four times what number would be equal to 32? Four times eight equals 32. And that tells us that each side measured eight centimeters.

However, we still haven’t answered our question. Our question wants to know what is the area of the square. And the area of the square is the size of its surface. When we’re working with squares, we find their area by multiplying a side times a side. The area of a square is equal to its side length squared.

In our square, the side length measures eight centimeters. Which means, we need to square eight. We need to multiply eight centimeters times eight centimeters. Eight times eight equals 64. And area is measured in units squared. 64 centimeters squared is the area.

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