Question Video: Comparing between Masses Mathematics • Kindergarten

Which is lighter? [A] A tree [B] A bunch of grapes


Video Transcript

Which is lighter, a tree or a bunch of grapes?

In this question, we’re shown two objects, and we’re asked to compare them. We’re not comparing their size or their color. Instead, we need to compare how heavy they are because our question asks us, which is lighter? Lighter is one of two words that we can use to compare the weight or the mass of objects. And when something is lighter than something else, it weighs less. The other comparing word we often use is heavier. This is when an object weighs more. But our question asks us, which is lighter? Which weighs less, the tree or the bunch of grapes?

Now, you may have picked up a bunch of grapes before, but I’m pretty sure you haven’t picked up a whole tree. So how can we compare the weight or the mass of these objects. Well, in a way, what we’ve just said is a really big clue. Why haven’t you ever picked up a tree? Well, one of the reasons might be that it’s really, really heavy. A bunch of grapes is much lighter than a tree. Although grapes don’t grow on trees, they grow on plants that are a little bit like trees, where lots and lots of grapes grow together. So one bunch of grapes is definitely going to weigh a lot less than a tree.

We’ve used what we know about these objects to compare their weight or their mass. We know the tree is heavier than the bunch of grapes. And so we can also say the bunch of grapes is lighter than the tree.

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