Question Video: Dividing Two-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers Using Models Mathematics • 3rd Grade

What is 28 ÷ 4?


Video Transcript

What is 28 divided by four?

This question tests our ability to divide by four. But what does it mean to divide 28 by four? What’s this question asking us to do? Well, we can think of this question in two different ways, and we can use the array that we’re given to show these. One way we could think of this question is as 28 split into groups of four. How many groups are there? In other words, how many fours are there in 28? And we can show this on our array. Can you see any groups of four? Each of the columns in the array shows four counters, doesn’t it? So if we count the number of columns we’ve got, this is the number of fours we’ve got. Let’s split our array into groups of four.

We’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven groups of four. But you know, there’s another way we could think about this division. This time, we could think of it as asking, what’s 28 split into four equal groups? How many will there be in each group? Let’s sketch the same array, but we’re going to split it up in a slightly different way and show how we can find exactly the same answer. So we’ll start with 28 counters again. This time, we’re going to split them into four equal groups. Can you see how we can do this? There are four rows aren’t there.

So if we think of each row in our array as a group, we can just ask ourselves how many in each row? And of course, we know there are seven counters in each row. So whether we split 28 counters into groups of four and count the groups or we split 28 into four equal groups and count the number of counters in each group, we get exactly the same answer. 28 divided by four equals seven.

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