Video: KS1-M19 • Paper 1 • Question 9

22 + 22 = _.


Video Transcript

22 plus 22 equals what?

In this question, we need to add together two lots of the same number, 22. To begin with, let’s break up the number 22 into tens and ones. 22 is made up of two tens, which is the same as 20, and also two ones, which equals two. 22 is the same as 20 plus two. So if we add another lot of 22, we need to add another two tens or 20 and another two ones or two. 22 plus 22 is the same as 20 plus two plus 20 plus two.

We can find the answer by adding the ones and the tens separately and then combining them. How many ones do we have? We have two ones and another two ones. Two ones add two ones equal four ones. So we have four ones in total. How many tens do we have? We have two tens plus another two tens. How many tens is that altogether? Two tens add two tens equals four tens which equals 40. We have four tens and four ones. Four tens and four ones is the same as 40 plus four which is 44.

We found the answer by splitting the number 22 into tens and ones. First, we added the ones together. Then, we added the tens together. And finally, we put the two together to find the answer. 22 plus 22 equals 44.

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