Video: Multiplying a Multidigit Number by a One-Digit Number

Calculate 4627 × 9.


Video Transcript

Calculate 4627 multiplied by nine.

We’re multiplying a four-digit number by a one-digit number. We can use a written method to help, 4627 multiplied by nine. First, we need to multiply in the ones column. Seven times nine is 63. We can write the three, and we need to exchange the six. Two nines are 18, plus the six we exchanged makes 24. We can write the four, and we need to exchange the two.

Next, we multiply six by nine. Six nines are 54, plus the two we exchanged makes 56. We can write the six and exchange the five. Finally, we need to multiply four by nine. Four nines are 36, plus the five we exchanged makes 41. 4627 multiplied by nine equals 41643. We calculated the answer using written multiplication. 4627 times nine equals 41643.

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