Question Video: Writing Four-Digit Numbers in Digit Form Using Models Mathematics

Write the number in digits.


Video Transcript

Write the number shown in digits.

We can write and show numbers in lots of different ways. The picture shows a number modeled using an abacus, and we’re told to write the number that it shows in digits. So, let’s begin by looking at our abacus. What can we tell about the number that we need to write? Firstly, we can see that underneath our abacus, there are some letters, and these label the different place values of our number.

We already know that O stands for ones, T stands for tens, and the letter H is for hundreds. But in this question, we’re moving on to a fourth place. The letters Th stand for thousands. And because our number has four places, thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones, we know that we’re going to need four digits to show it. Let’s count how many beads are representing each place.

There are one, two 1000s. So, we’re going to need to use the digit two in the thousands place. Then there are one, two, three, four 100s. So, we need to write the digit four in the hundreds place. There are one, two, three, four, five, six 10s. And there are two ones. Our number is 2462. Now, we could just write our four digits in a row like this. But as we learn about larger and larger numbers, writing digits in a string like this can make it harder for us to see what each one’s worth. And that’s why we can think of our digits in groups of three.

We’ve got our hundreds, tens, and ones on the end. And we can think of our thousands as being part of a new group. And that’s why we can write our digits with a small gap in between the thousands and the hundreds digit or, as we’re going to do here, we could put a comma. And whenever we see that comma, it helps us remember that the digit before it is the thousands digit. We’ve written the number shown on the abacus using four digits. We recognize the number as 2462, and we can write this number as two comma four six two.

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