Question Video: Adding Three Integer Numbers Mathematics

4104 + 40552 + 722 = _.


Video Transcript

4104 plus 40552 plus 722 equals what.

We can add these three multi-digit numbers together using column addition. Remember that with addition, just like multiplication, we can add in any order. And the total will be the same. So we could start with the largest of our three numbers, 40552. And then add our second largest number, which is 4104. Notice how we started writing in the thousands place so that our four digit had a value of 4000. Now, one way to complete this calculation might be to write our third number and then to try adding all three numbers at the same time.

But instead of doing this, we can leave a gap and then write our third number underneath. So in other words, we find the total of the first two numbers, and then we add the third number. So to begin with, let’s add our first two numbers together. And we’ll start with the ones place. Two plus four equals six. In the tens column, we have five tens plus zero tens, which is five tens. Then five hundreds plus one hundred in the hundreds column, which equals six hundreds. In the thousands column, we have zero thousands plus four thousands. So we have four thousands altogether. And finally in the ten thousands column, all we have is the digit four.

So we can say that the total of 40552 and 4104 is 44656. And now, we can add the third number in our addition to this total. Again, if we start by adding the ones, six plus two equals eight. In the tens column, five tens plus two tens equals seven tens. Six hundreds plus seven hundreds equals 13 hundreds. We can write a three in the hundreds place and exchange 10 of our 13 hundreds for one thousand. In the thousands column, we only have four thousands at the top and the one thousand we’ve just exchanged. That makes a total of five thousands. And then in the ten thousands column, we still only have that digit, four, that we had to start with. This has a value of 40000, and it hasn’t changed.

We used column addition to find the total of these three numbers. Although one method we could’ve used could’ve been to add all three numbers at the same time, the method we decided to use was to add two numbers to begin with. And then add the third number to the total that we made. And so, we’ve found out that 4104 plus 40552 plus 722 has a total of 45378.

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