Question Video: Adding Fractions with the Same Denominator Mathematics • 4th Grade

What is 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3?


Video Transcript

What is one-third plus one-third plus one-third?

Just a quick reminder about the process for adding fractions. First, we make sure the denominators are the same. Then we add the numerators. After that, we’ll simplify the fraction, if needed.

Starting with step one, are we sure, in this case, the denominators are all the same. They are. We have a denominator of three in each case.

Next step, add the numerators. One plus one plus one equals three. The denominator stays the same. It does not change when we’re adding fractions.

And now the last step, simplify the fraction, if needed. Three thirds is not the most simple way to write this fraction. The best way to write it would be simply one because three over three is the same thing as one; three pieces of three or one whole.

One third plus one third plus one third equals one.

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