Video: KS1-M18 • Paper 2 • Question 11

Kemi goes to four clubs each week. Which club lasts the longest? Circle it.


Video Transcript

Kemi goes to four clubs each week. Which club lasts the longest? Circle it.

And then, we have the information about the four clubs and how long they last. Let’s read them through. Swimming lasts 45 minutes, art club lasts two hours, music lasts 75 minutes, and drama club lasts one hour. In this question, we need to identify which of the four clubs that Kemi goes to lasts the longest. So we need to look at the four different times that we’re given and to ask ourself which is the longest period of time.

What if we look at the four different numbers? 45, two, 75, and one. 75 is the largest of these four numbers. So does that mean that music club last the longest? It lasts 75 minutes. But look at the units of measurement. Some of the times are in minutes and some are in hours. To be able to compare the times, we need to change some of the times so that they’re all in the same unit of measurement. Just because music club lasted for 75 minutes doesn’t mean it lasted the longest. This is an easy mistake to make. And we have to watch so we don’t make it.

Let’s convert our two times that are in hours into minutes. That will help us to compare all of the times. We know that one hour is the same as 60 minutes. So we can see straightaway that drama club lasts for 60 minutes. Art club lasts for two hours. And we need to use our knowledge about hours and minutes again. If one hour lasts for 60 minutes, then art club which last for two hours must last two lots of 60 minutes, two times 60 or 60 doubled. We know that six doubled equals 12. So 60 doubled must be 120. Art club last for 120 minutes.

Now, all the lengths of time are in the same unit of measurement. They’re all given in minutes. And that makes it so much easier to compare them. We can now just compare the numbers 45, 120, 75, and 60. We can find the largest of these numbers quickly because only one of them has three digits. The longest time is 120 minutes. And so, we know art club lasts the longest.

To answer the question, we’re told that we need to circle the club that lasts the longest. So let’s do that. The club that lasts the longest is art club.

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