Video: Identifying the Number of Squares in a Given Figure

How many squares are in this picture?


Video Transcript

How many squares are in this picture?

A square is a flat shape with four equal sides. Why don’t we colour in shapes that we know are not squares? At the bottom, we have four round shapes. Round shapes are not squares. What about the shape at the top? How many sides does it have? One, two, three. This shape is not a square because it only has three sides. We call it a triangle.

How about this shape? It does have four sides: one, [two], three, four. However, this shape is not a square because all four sides are not equal in length. One side is longer than the other. And shapes like these are called rectangles, not squares. Here’s another rectangle and another rectangle.

This leaves us with only one remaining shape. How many sides does our remaining shape have? One, two, three, four. It has four sides. That’s a good start. And all four of the sides are the same length. That means it is a square.

Our question wants to know how many squares are in the picture. This picture has one square.

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