Question Video: Finding the Total Number of Objects by Counting the Objects in Two Groups Mathematics • Kindergarten

How many trees are there in total?


Video Transcript

How many trees are there in total? Two trees and one more tree.

This is an addition question. We need to add together two groups of trees to find the total. And we’re given a picture sentence to help us here. We start off with a group of two trees. But that’s not all. We need to add another one more tree. Two plus one more is what?

Let’s model our addition using counters. We have a group of two trees, and then we need to add one more. Let’s find the answer by counting on from the number we start with. And our starting number is two because we know there are two trees in the first group. So we’ll say two and then carry on counting one more. Two, three. Two and one is three. So we can say two trees and one more tree gives a total of three trees.

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