Question Video: Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Ten Mathematics

Round 5465 to the nearest ten.


Video Transcript

Round 5465 to the nearest ten.

First, we need to identify which digit is in the tens place. If our decimal is to the right of the number, moving from right to left, we’d have a five in the ones place, a six in the tens place, a four in the hundreds place, and a five in the thousands place, but our job is to round to the nearest ten.

When we round to the nearest ten, we have to look at the ones place to determine how we round. We look at the digit to the right of the tens place, in this case the ones place, and we say, is this value five or more? If the value is five or more, we round up. If the value is less than or equal to four, we round down, but when we say round down, what we mean is that the value that’s already in the tens place would stay there.

But in our case, the five tells us we need to round up; we need to take the six in the tens place and round it up. This means we’ll turn the six from the tens place into a seven; the five from the thousands and the four from the hundreds will stay the same.

And since we’re rounding to the nearest ten, everything after the tens place will become a zero. We turn that five into a zero, and then we can say that 5465 rounded to the nearest ten would be equal to 5470.

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