Video: KS2-M16 • Paper 1 • Question 9

96 ÷ 4 = _.


Video Transcript

96 divided by four equals what?

So to find the answer, we need to calculate how many fours go into 96. 96 is four less than 100. Or we can round 96 to 100 by adding four. So now we can calculate 100 divided by four. One way to divide by four is to halve the number and then halve again, or divide by two and then divide by two.

So 100 divided by two or half of 100 is 50, and half of 50 or 50 divided by two is 25. So 100 divided by four equals 25. But we haven’t found out answer yet. The question asks to divide 96 by four. We rounded 96 to 100 by adding another four. So if there are 25 fours in 100, there must be 24 fours in 96. 96 divided by four equals 24.

Another way to calculate the answer mentally would be to halve 96 or calculate 96 divided by two. We can partition 96 into 90 and six. Half of 90 is 45, and half of six is three. 45 and three is 48, and half of 48 or 48 divided by two is 24.

Both of these mental strategies gave us the same answer of 24. First, we rounded 96 to 100 by adding four and calculated 100 divided by four to give us 25. Because we’d added an extra four to 96, we have to take that four away again to give us the correct answer of 24. And in our second method, we realize that dividing by four is the same as halving a number then halving it again. So we divided 96 by two to give us 48 and then divided 48 by two to give us the answer 24.

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