Video: Estimating the Area of a Figure

Estimate the area of the figure.


Video Transcript

Estimate the area of the figure.

In order to estimate the area, we will count the number of squares that the figure covers. There are 18 complete squares inside the figure. These will have an area of 18 square units. We notice that we have four triangles which are each equal to half a square. One-half multiplied by four is equal to two. Therefore, these have a total area of two square units.

At the bottom of the shape, we also have another two half squares. These two triangles can be put together to make one square unit. Finally, we have the two triangles shown at the bottom of the figure. Each of these is actually equal to one square unit as shown. This means that we have another two square units. Adding 18, two, one, and two gives us 23. An estimate or approximation for the area of the figure is therefore 23 square units.

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