Video: Rounding a Decimal Number to the Nearest Given Unit

Black pepper cost $0.1741 per ounce. Round this price to the nearest cent.


Video Transcript

Black pepper cost 0.1741 dollars per ounce. Round this price to the nearest cent.

Here’s the number that we’re working with — 0.1741. When we work with cents, we work with hundreds. We do that because 100 pennies equals one dollar. To round to the nearest cent — the nearest 100th — we’ll use the thousands’ place. We’ll look at the digit in the thousands’ place to help us round to the hundreds’ place.

In this case, we’re working with the four. Because this four is less than five, we’ll round down. 0.1741 is closer to 0.17 than it is to 0.18. If we graph these numbers on a number line, 0.1741 will be a little bit closer to 0.17 — 17 hundredths. So we say that the cost of black pepper rounded to the nearest cent is 17 cents.

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