Video: Comparing Addition Expressions

Use <, >, or = to fill in the gap: 468 + 331 _ 100 + 563


Video Transcript

Use less than, greater than, or equal to to fill in the gap. 468 plus 331 what 100 plus 563.

We have to complete the gap with one of the symbols, less than, greater than, or equal to. To help us decide which symbol to use, we need to compare the two addition expressions. 468 plus 331 gives us nine in the ones, nine in the tens, and seven in the hundreds column, giving us a total of 799. We can change the order of the numbers in the calculation and say 563 plus 100. 563 plus 100 is 663. 799 is greater than 663. So, 468 plus 331 is greater than 100 plus 563. The missing symbol is greater than.

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