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Question Video: Telling the Time on an Analouge Clock to Half Hour Mathematics • Second Year of Primary School

Pick the time shown by the clock. [A] 8:00 [B] 9:30 [C] 8:30


Video Transcript

Pick the time shown by the clock. 8 o’clock, 9:30, or 8:30.

In this question, we’ve got times that are shown in two different ways. On this analog clock, which is where we have a clock face and two hands that help us to tell the time. And then, we have three times to choose from that have been written as digital times. This is where we write the time using digits and we use two dots to separate the number of hours from the number of minutes. We need to pick the digital time that matches the analog clock.

So, to begin with, let’s read the time on this analog clock. First of all, where is the minute hand pointing? The minute hand is the long hand, isn’t it? And we can see that it’s pointing downwards to the number six. We know that whenever there’s an o’clock time, the minute hand points straight up at the number 12. And so, we can see how far this minute hand has moved, can’t we? It started pointing up to 12, and it’s making its way around the clock. It’s gone half the way around the clock.

And so, we know whenever the minute hand points to the number six, it’s going to be what we call a half-past time. But half past what? To answer this question, we need to look at what the hour hand is doing. We can see the hour hand, that’s the shorter hand, is pointing in between the numbers eight and nine on the clock face. And if we look closely, it’s not pointing any position in between, it’s halfway in between. Can you see that?

So, would you say the time is half past eight or half past nine? From what we know about o’clock times, we know that at 8 o’clock, the hour hand must have been pointing to the number eight. And at 9 o’clock, it’s going to be pointing at the number nine. But it hasn’t got there yet. In fact, we could say that the hour hand has gone half way past the number eight. And that’s how we know that it’s half past 8.

Now, which of our three digital times shows half past 8? The first number before the two dots in a digital time shows us the number of hours that have gone by. So, if we are looking for the time half past 8, we need a time that shows the number eight in this position. This only leaves us with two possible answers. Can you spot which one shows half past 8?

Let’s think about the first time for a moment. And we’ll look at the digits that come after the two dots. These are the digits that show the number of minutes. When a number ends in zero zero, no minutes have gone by that hour. It’s an o’clock time. This digital time shows 8 o’clock.

Our final time shows the number 30 after the two dots. Now, this number 30 is important. Because we know that there are 60 minutes in a whole hour and half of 60 is 30, we know that the number of minutes in half an hour will be 30. This clock then shows us that half an hour has gone by since 8 o’clock. The time is half past 8.

Did you notice that although the second time was wrong, it was another half-past time, wasn’t it? 9:30 is the same as half past 9. We read the time on our analog clock as half past 8. And because we know there are 30 minutes in half an hour, we know that the digital clock that shows half past 8 is the one that says 8:30.

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