Video: Marking Decimals on a Number Line

Which point on the number line represents 2.3?


Video Transcript

Which point on the number line represents two and three-tenths?

In this question, we’re given a number line and we have three points marked, point 𝐴, 𝐵, and 𝐶. We have to identify which point represents two and three-tenths or 2.3. Each of the three points is between two and zero-tenths and three and zero-tenths. So we know that each of our points is worth two and an amount of tenths.

We’re looking for the point which represents two and three-tenths. Each division on this number line represents one-tenth. So this division represents two and one-tenth. So the next division would be two and two-tenths. So we know that point 𝐴 isn’t the correct answer. Point 𝐵 represents two and three-tenths. Let’s keep counting to see what point 𝐶 represents: 2.4 or two and four-tenths, two and five-tenths, two and six-tenths. The point on the number line which represents two and three-tenths is point 𝐵.

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