Video: Finding the Area of a Rectangle given Its Dimensions as Decimal Numbers

Find the area of the given rectangle.


Video Transcript

Find the area of the given rectangle.

The area of any rectangle can be calculated by multiplying the length by the width. In this case, we have a length of 9.82 centimeters and a width of 7.6 centimeters. As both lengths are in centimeters, the units for our area will be centimeters squared.

We need to multiply 9.82 by 7.6. One way to do this is to firstly remove the decimal points. So, our question becomes 982 multiplied by 76. We have multiplied our first value by 100 and our second value by 10.

One way of calculating 982 multiplied by 76 is using the grid method. We split 982 into 900, 80, and two and 76 into 70 and six. Nine multiplied by seven is equal to 63. So, 900 multiplied by 70 is equal to 63000. We repeat this method for the other five calculations.

Adding these six values gives us 74632. This number will be 1000 times larger than 9.82 multiplied by 7.6 as 100 multiplied by 10 is 1000. Dividing 74632 by 1000 gives us 74.632. The area of the rectangle is 74.632 square centimeters.

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